Farm Protect

Why Farm Protect?

We are farm insurance specialists dedicated to giving you the best possible farm insurance solutions and advice.

Protect Your Farm Against Theft or Accident


Types of Farm Insurance Cover

Farm Theft

Farm theft insurance is a blanket policy that can cover your tools, machinery, equipment, fuel, chemicals, livestock and other assets against theft, even in the open air.

Farm Property

Whether it’s livestock, machinery, buildings or even silage and grain, our farm property insurance can protect any of your assets if damage ever occurs.

Farm Vehicles

Cover all of your vehicles & machinery against damage or loss. You can insure your daily drive, farm trucks, trailers, utes, tractors, trailers, farm bikes and any other vehicles.


Transit Insurance protects your goods in transit against destruction and accidental loss or damage for items such as Farm Equipment & Machinery, Livestock and Farm Produce.

Home & Contents

Protect your home, contents and valuables against loss or damage. Bundle your home and contents insurance with your farm insurance policy for simplicity and less administration burden so you can focus on running your farm.

Farm Liability

Farm liability insurance protects you, the farmer, from legal actions that may be brought against you by third parties who have been injured or suffered a loss as a result of negligence on your part. This policy also includes your legal and defence costs.


Protect your staff and yourself against work place injuries. Peace of mind for all is gained when you bundle this with your Farm Package.


Crop policies provide cover against major perils such as hail and fire. It also covers your crop against damage resulting from chemical overspray or straying livestock. It covers your harvested crop both on your farm and in transit.  

Save On Premiums

We take the time to help you determine what factors could save you on farm insurance premiums such as farm equipment and machinery, livestock and farm produce.


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